Yoga outdoor – why practising yoga in nature? Here are some of its great benefits… 

Yoga Outdoor - Tree Meditation

The word yoga means union, and when we practice yoga outdoor we are able to connect to our surroundings on another level. The nature inspires us to focus our awareness on our breathing, and practicing stillness, to feel of the ground beneath us and to fill our lungs with the fresh air. With each breath we inhale the energies and the oxygen provided to us by the trees and the plants who in turn absorb our carbon dioxide. In this we can see we are all connected: Yoga means union.

Like all things trees have an energy frequency or vibrations. With their roots reaching deep into the ground, they have a great grounding energy. When we practice yoga outdoor in their vicinity, we subconsciously pick up these vibrations, and resonate these energies leading us to feel more centred, and grounded.

Yoga Outdoor - Trees

Whilst moving through the yoga poses, the fresh oxygen also helps to clear the mind and improves concentration. Nature is fuel for the soul. And fresh air is known to not only to increase energy, but reduce stress and depression. As certain poses help with digestion the addition of doing yoga outdoor can also boost the immune system.

Certain poses will also alter our perception. Through each asana our awareness of the environment increases. We may begin to notice little things like the sound of a bird, or the rays of the sun filtering through the branches of a tree. How these branches divide into smaller branches and then end in leaves. How each leaf then begins with a single vein, that splits by two, into smaller and smaller veins, until they reach the individual cells that are exposed to the air. Similar to the lungs we use. From these realizations we can begin to see our connection with nature. Allowing a certain harmony and to recognize our role as part of the universe.

Meditation and Yoga at Montserrat

Whether you’ve never tried yoga before, or have been practicing for many years. We would like to invite you to practice yoga outdoor to experience these sensations for yourself. It will be a great gift for your wellbeing.

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