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These terms and conditions regulate, as applicable, the use of this website URL : HTTP://om-yoganature.com.mialias.net//(below the legal notice and the website, respectively) in accordance with Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) and other applicable law.


The owner of this website is Katy Thiers with her project Om Yoga Nature based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Om Yoga Nature is a project that offers yoga practice combined with outdoor activities such as hiking. The trips are with an official registered mountain guide and a certified yoga teacher. The domain name om-yoganature.com is owned by Katy Thiers. You can contact us by: Telephone +34 932 778 070 or Email info@om-yoganature.com.


3.1. General information

Access and/or use of this website by a person attributes the definition of USER, which is subject to the General Conditions. Therefore, we recommend reading the content of this website carefully and in the event that the user does not accept these conditions then they must leave this website. Users can download, store, play and print a copy of these General Conditions. Access to this website is free.

3.2. User Information

There is no registration form required to view information and contents of this website. However, to access certain services and/or contents of the website it is necessary for the user to register in order to obtain personal and non-transferrable access, which is an identifier code (login) and password (password). In these cases, the user must fill in the form that the website offers. Om Yoga Nature asigns the user a login and password. The access codes (login and password) are assigned automatically and randomly, making sure that there are no identical access keys. For technical, organisational and security reasons Om Yoga Nature may suspend and modify user access codes, which they will communicate immediately. At the latest, it will be within seventy-two (72) hours after the suspension and/or modification. The user undertakes responsibility of their passwords and must keep them secret. They must not assign or communicate their passwords to a third party. The user also agrees to immediately inform Nature Om Yoga loss or theft of passwords and any other situation regarding the same that prevents proper identification or access to services for which be registered.

3.3. Protection of minors

This website does not include content that may be inappropriate to minors. Yet it is designed to provide services to adults, so we recommend that minors do not use this site without the assistance or supervision of a legal guardian or adult person.

3.4. User obligations

The user must assume responsibility for use of this website. The user is required to make proper use of content and services that offers Om Yoga Nature through the website; with limits but not limited to: • Act in good about Om Yoga Nature and other users. • Respect the legislation regarding intellectual and industrial property, image rights, intimacy and privacy, right to honour and right to private property both of Om Yoga Nature as of other users and third parties. • Not to disseminate content or propaganda that implies any kind of discrimination and/or offenses on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs and/or political or that may be considered obscene, offensive in general and/or contrary to the good custom. • Do not establish links with other sites, which content might be offensive, obscene and/or discriminatory topics in the previous section or illegal websites or contrary to the purpose of Om Yoga Nature.• Do not use this website improperly, for different purposes and/or hindering their profits either by illegal and/or violate these general terms. • Do not cause damage to Om Yoga Nature´s IT systems, its suppliers, other users or third parties. • Do not introduce or spread malicious software in the network, computer viruses or any other hardware or software capable of causing the aforementioned damage mentioned in the previous point. • Do not attempt to access, use the accounts or the data of other users and modify or manipulate their data, images and messages. Om Yoga Nature reserves the right to remove the website input, comments and/or contents, which constitute a breach of the above obligations.


Users can freely display the information and contents of the website, except for those for which it is necessary to be registered. The total or partial content of the website in terms of visual presentation, graphics, computer graphics, data, text, databases, images and videos, are included but not limited to the above. All content integrated into this website are owned elements of Om Yoga Nature or in case other third parties have authorised content, and are protected by legislation on Intellectual and Industrial Property and international conventions in this area, without prejudice to the rights of third parties and with the exception of the contents inserted users, which are owned and are, where applicable, protected by copyright, among others.

With the upload of content on the website by users, they give Om Yoga Nature corresponding authorisations and licenses for its hosting on the website and making it interactive available, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the website.

However, computer programmes used in the use and development of the website are owned by Om Yoga Nature or its software suppliers and is protected by national laws and international treaties and conventions on the subject. They are prohibited, with character but not limited to, regarding this website and its contents, acts which are described below:

(a) any form of communication to the public, by any means, including the making available to the public of works contained in the website, so that anyone can access them from a place and at the time of their choice.

(b) any form of distribution of any material obtained from the website, including, but not limited to, the sale, rental or loan.

(c) any form of direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction by any means and in any form of all or part, including reproduction for private purposes and downloading on the user’s computer.

(d) any form of transformation, total or partial, of the contents of any nature of the website.

(e) any form of access and/or exploitation that includes the former or otherwise different.
(f) any direct or indirect form of extraction and/or reuse of the whole or a substantial part of the contents of any database; and/or extracting and/or repeated or systematic reuse of insubstantial parts of these.

The user acknowledges that the brands, names, logos and other distinctive signs contained in the website are items owned by Om Yoga Nature or, where appropriate, of other third parties, protected by national laws and international treaties on intellectual property rights. Unauthorised or improper use of these elements constitutes a violation of the rights of Industrial property of Om Yoga Nature or of such third parties.


The user guarantees Om Yoga Nature that all content provided and hosted by it on the website, with character but not limited to, images, videos, music, texts, symbols, logos, graphics, are its exclusive property and that it has all rights and/or failing that the user has mandatory authorisations from third party owners of such content or information.

The user assumes responsibility for breach of this condition, of essential importance for Om Yoga Nature, with full indemnity for the same. The user grants Om Yoga Nature a non-exclusive license for the reproduction and public communication of the contents of all kinds, to be hosted on the website and made available to the public through the website as well as any of the channels that Om Yoga Nature provides such as social networks in which Om Yoga Nature currently participates (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Vimeo or any other in the future) and/or to participate in the future. This authorisation includes, however, the right of transformation of these contents in order to adapt them to the format and the visual presentation of the website and/or other channels on social networks.

This general condition shall also apply to the content users published in the accounts that Om Yoga Nature has on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagramm, Google Plus, YouTube, Vimeo or any other future) whenever permitted by the regulation of these social networks.


Om Yoga Nature is exonerated from any liability that might arise for the user’s actions contrary to these general conditions and/or to the legal system; and in particular the use that the user may make of the content of Om Yoga Nature or other users who are on this website, even when these are hosted on the websites of the social networks in which Om Yoga Nature can be subscribed.

Om Yoga Nature will employ every effort and means, reasonable and necessary to facilitate its task and provide the service that we want, despite the foregoing, we cannot assume any guarantee with regard to the absence of errors or possible inaccuracies and omissions in the public content accessible on the website or by lack of updating.

Om Yoga Nature is not responsible for damages or losses of any nature that may arise from the non-availability or continuity of the operation of the website. It is not responsible for failures, or mistakes of security or damage, direct or indirect, that they can be produced in the computer system of the user or the files or documents stored therein, as a result of viruses or any other harmful software that may be hosted on the website or which may be caused to others by means of illegitimate intromission beyond the control of Om Yoga Nature.

OM Yoga Nature recommends to users the use of security tools (Antivirus, passwords, encryption of sensitive information, firewall, screensaver, etc) on their computers, to avoid, if possible, damages caused by malicious software and/or illegal activities of third parties.


In the event that any user considers that there are facts or circumstances that show the illegality of the use of any content of the website or websites accessible through the websites and, in particular, of the violation of rights of intellectual or industrial property, image, private property or other rights, you must send a notification to Om Yoga Nature, to the email address info@om-yoganature.com, which will contain the following:

  1. a. Personal data of the complainant: name, address, telephone number and email address.
  2. Specification of the alleged illegal activity carried out on the website and, in particular, in the case of an alleged violation of rights, precise and concrete indication of the protected contents as well as their location on the websites.
  3. In the case of violation of rights, handwritten signature, with the personal data of the holder of the rights supposedly infringed or their representative.
  4. Expressed declaration, clear and under the responsibility of the claimant, that the information provided in the notification is exact and the illegality of the use of the contents or of carrying out the activities described.


This website includes links that allow the user to access other websites beyond Om Yoga Nature. In the event that the user uses these links you should know that Om Yoga Nature does not exercise any control over these sites or their content. Om Yoga Nature, in no case, will assume responsibilities for the content of any link belonging to an external website, nor guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, breadth, veracity, validity and legality of any materials and/or information contained in any of these links, hyperlinks or other internet sites.

If anyone has knowledge that the links refer to sites whose contents or services are unlawful, harmful, degrading, violent or immoral please contact Om Yoga Nature, where Om Yoga Nature will proceed to remove this link from this website. Any activity carried out in the places which are not owned by Om Yoga Nature – social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and others – is regulated by its own rules and conditions, we recommend that, prior to use, users inform themselves in paragraphs of legal or similar notice of these websites.

In the event that a user or a third party wants to establish a link to this website, you must do it on main page or via this website´s home. Other links can be always made as soon as there is a constancy of the URL of Om Yoga Nature and that it not suppose to access contents and/or services that have to be registered. In either case, links to this website, contrary to law, morality or public order are prohibited or otherwise to threaten the reputation and the good name of Om Yoga Nature.


This website uses cookies and analysis using Google Analytics. This service from Google allows measurement and analysis of websites. This type of cookie does not obtain personal user information, but information relating to the number of users who access the website, the number of visited pages, the frequency and repetition of visits, their duration, the browser used by the user, the language, the terminal or the city in which the IP of the user is assigned. It is therefore a collection of information that helps give a better, more technical part of Om Yoga Nature service.

On the other hand, this website supports anonymous surfing of its pages, in these cases it is not necessary to register for what is not collected or any kind of personal information is requested. To access certain content, it is necessary to be registered. In such cases the user must fill out the form the website puts at your disposal, where he requested some personal data. In accordance with the provisions of article 5 of the organic law 15/1999 of 13 December, of protection of personal character data, we inform the user that personal data reserves will be automated and incorporated into the file created by and for Om Yoga Nature under its responsibility, necessary for the provision of certain services of the website (the customer file).

This file is registered in the general registry of data protection in accordance with the applicable regulations. In accordance with article 6 of the mentioned law of protection of personal data, the user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your personal data for Om Yoga Nature request sent by email to info@om-yoganature.com.

The application must contain the following data: name and surname of the user, postal address, a photocopy of the code of tax identification or DNI or passport, and request that is the application.

OM Yoga Nature is committed to the fulfilment of obligations of secrecy and proper treatment of the user’s data to avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised access. Never expected the transfer of this personal data to other companies. The personal data of the user are only communicated when so required in Om Yoga Nature by the competent administrative authorities or by court order.


Om Yoga Nature reserves the possibility to make changes in these terms and conditions without prior notice. These changes will be effective within seventy-two (72) hours of being posted on the website.


These terms and conditions and any other text with a contractual nature of this website shall be governed by the provisions of the legislation of Spain and the Catalan legislation that are applicable. The terms and conditions of this legal notice, and any other text with a contractual nature of this website shall be governed by the provisions of the legislation of Spain and the Catalan legislation that are applicable.

Conflicts, disputes and claims between Om Yoga Nature and the user arising from the interpretation or compliance with the terms and conditions of the Legal notice will be resolved by the Arbitral consumption system if the user submits the application to a Consumer Arbitration Board. In the event that user lives abroad and/ or is a company that has no consideration of consumer or user in accordance with the legislation in force, Om Yoga Nature and the user expressly submit to the courts and tribunals of Barcelona (Spain).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]